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Marv is a graphic designer from Philadelphia who creates these doodles on the fly, with little to no thought behind them. The doodles are a glimpse into his head. Marv never was one to keep a daily journal and write everything down, but always has a sketchbook. He always fills them with doodles in replace of words. His work is the product of always creating even when you're not sure.

He always had the idea of sharing his work with everyone. In 2020, Marv created a doodle each day while working remotely. He ended up filling 4 sketchbooks for a whole year of doodles. Within the last year he made the decision to start the No Effort brand with the daily doodles. Marv started the daily doodle to past the time and to keep track of the days. He didn’t start them with the idea of starting a brand or anything more than just simple doodles.

If they like what you create, does it matter how much effort you put in?
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